Help Me Live Just One Day Without Pain
Help Me Live Just One Day Without Pain
Help Me Live Just One Day Without Pain
Help Me Live Just One Day Without Pain
Help Me Live Just One Day Without Pain
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My name is Tewodros and I suffer tremendously with unrelenting pain because of a medical condition called rheumatoid arthritis. Funds are urgently requested for bilateral total hip and knee replacement surgery which is the only medical treatment available to help ease my pain and help me live pain-free.

Many people wake up in the morning thinking and planning what they are going to do that day. I wake up in pain thinking about how I am going to get through another day that God has given me. I have woken up like this for every day for 30 years since I was a child. The situation is so severe that I have been in a wheelchair for around 5 years all throughout high school. After many challenges medically, I eventually managed to complete college and began working as a tax auditor serving my poor country in the tax collection process for the last 5 years. Despite all of the pain I suffered over these years, I continue to thank almighty God for every day that He has given me and for giving me the strength to do all of the things I have been able to do while pushing through the pain.

I feel like He has given me an opportunity to finally ease this pain with a bilateral total hip and knee replacement surgery but my salary as a senior tax auditor working in the Ministry of Tax for Ethiopia is not nearly enough to cover this necessary surgery. My salary of 8,000 Birr per month covers my transportation to and from work and the medical bills for maintaining my medical condition as it is. I have reached the point where I can no longer bear the pain anymore and cannot afford this necessary surgery. For this reason, I turn to you for your generous support and contributions.

Despite my suffering, I continue to serve my country as a senior tax auditor. I serve in this capacity proudly, honestly, and with integrity and passion. Many people know me in this position but they cannot begin to understand the effort it takes for me to fight through the pain so that I may serve others and my country. Instead, they come to me with many different intentions, some good and some not so good. Those with not so good intentions attempt to take advantage of my vulnerable state so that they may evade their duty to pay the taxes they very well can afford to pay. Needless to say, I never waiver. I feel as though God has called me to serve my country and my people, and be a good citizen in this capacity. To waiver would mean that I would do a disservice to Him, to my country and to myself. I am motivated through this and by the fact that I understand that I am contributing to my country not only through my service but also by paying for my medication and transportation because in doing so I am paying taxes and contributing to my economy. The sacrifice is more than worth it.

About Rheumatoid Arthritis

According to the University of Washington School of Medicine (Orthopedics and Sports Medicine), as with any joint in the body, the hip joint can be destroyed by rheumatoid arthritis. This can lead to pain stiffness and disability. Pain associated with the destruction of the hip joint typically occurs in the groin, upper outer thigh, and/or buttocks. In the early stages of the disease, it is aggravated by weight-bearing activity. Later, it occurs at rest and can interfere with sleep.

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If you have any questions, you can reach me at 0912-084424/ 0947-411381.