Fundraising Campaign - Expand the Legacy of the Award-Winning Novel Series - Desta
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Fundraising Campaign - Expand the Legacy of the Award-Winning Novel Series - Desta

About the Campaign

Award-winning Desta novelist Getty Ambau seeks to finance an Amharic-language edition of Desta and King Solomon's Coin of Magic and Fortune, his multivolume series' first novel, to make it widely accessible to Ethiopian readers.

The series follows the life path of Desta, an Ethiopian shepherd boy who first dreams of climbing the mountains encircling his valley to touch the sky and gather clouds in a sack. This innocent beginning begets Desta's epic pursuit of a modern education, and his quest to reunite two magic coins that will benefit all humanity, as foretold in an ancient prophecy.

Unique in modern literature, these novels impart Ethiopia's untold, rich history, culture, people, and land, and as such offer a singular educational opportunity for Ethiopians at home and abroad. They fire up young readers' imaginations and inspire adults in their own journeys of discovery.

The author has spent over a decade and thousands of his own dollars writing the series, with a fifth installment now in progress. At present, he aims to make these books available to a wider audience of Ethiopian readers and academic institutions, while his ultimate goal is to translate these novels into many other languages, to widen their reach so still more readers can be personally inspired by these Ethiopian stories.

Toward these efforts, your contributions will also help produce a variety of media; animation, such as the following video, and movies, to help reach new readers. 

Why Is Your Contribution Important?

  1. Inspiring others to face life’s challenges. Many Ethiopians at home and abroad who read the Desta novels will find hope and courage to face life’s challenges.
  1. Manifesting the power of our dreams. Through family abuse, privation, and nature’s hardships, young Desta holds to his dream to touch the sky, inspiring us to pursue our ambitions.
  1. Stressing the importance of looking beyond our horizons. First, the moon drew Desta’s interest; then the sky and the clouds; and later still, what he couldn’t see beyond the mountains kept him searching for better opportunities for himself. Desta’s example can open doors for readers to new ideas, opportunities, and relationships.
  1. Confronting our fears, our enemies. They color our world, stunt our growth and stymie relationships. The Desta novels contain many good examples of how all of us can face and overcome these problems.

Your contribution will help bring all these life lessons to the many who may benefit from them.

Whether you give 5 or 100 dollars, your gift matters because it is the efforts of many people acting together that can affect thousands of people and many generations worldwide.

Think of it this way: a single brick is just a brick. Thousands of bricks together can be used to build mighty bridges between people and cultures. Or to use an Ethiopian expression, a cobweb’s silken thread is a mere fiber, but a band of them can restrain a lion.

Your gift is the equivalent to that brick or thread. You can feel proud to know that you have contributed to such a groundbreaking project.

Thank you very much.


About the Desta Author - Getty Ambau

Getty Ambau was born in Ethiopia. He came to the United States as a student and studied molecular biophysics and biochemistry and economics at Yale University. After he graduated, he worked in research labs, earned an advanced degree in business, and ran his own companies.

Writing has always been his inner calling. He is the author of the award-winning Desta series and many nutrition books that became international bestsellers. Book two of his novels was featured in both the digital and print versions of the February 2014 issue of Kirkus Reviews magazine. The newly released Desta: Roots is the fourth novel in the series.

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